Recovery Cleaners Blends Caring Culture with Poseidon Wetcleaning System Realizes Quality Results and Boosted Profits


Recovery Cleaners Blends Caring Culture with Poseidon Wetcleaning System Realizes Quality Results and Boosted Profits

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“We are almost all women here, with an average tenure of 17 years,” said Schaefer. “We go into homes that have been significantly damaged due to fires or floods, compassionately sort through the affected garments and linens, which are then brought back to our facility to restore. Our positive company culture enables us to go above and beyond on each and every claim. We truly have the greatest service team in the industry. That’s what sets us apart.”

“Here at Recovery Cleaners, we are always staying ahead with leading edge technology,” added Schaefer. “Our commitment to quality and earth-friendly processing is what brought us to the Poseidon Textile Care System. Wetcleaning is often more effective than dry cleaning when it comes to removing soot, odors and fire pollutants.”

Poseidon Textile Care System Boosts Productivity

Recovery Cleaners recently added new wetcleaning machines and dryers from the Poseidon Textile Care System. “With these new machines we are able to increase productivity, cut utility costs and become more efficient. We estimate that we will add an additional 52,000 pounds of laundry in one year alone,” said Schaefer. Mike “Stucky” Szcztoka, of Eagle Star Equipment, in Troy, Mich., worked with Schaefer to retool her plant with appropriately sized Poseidon equipment. He recommended and installed one 90- and two 55-pound capacity Poseidon soft-mount wetcleaning machines and two 80-pound capacity Poseidon dryers.

“Poseidon machines supply us with the tools to make the wetcleaning process quick, efficient and profitable,” said Schaefer. “There are many companies that cherry pick only the items they think they can salvage. We process it all and are able to maintain a 95 percent salvage rate from wetcleaning and dry cleaning combined.

Sorting and Wetcleaning

At Recovery Cleaners, items are sorted into groups — fine garments, silks, wools, darks, reds and lights — and properly wetcleaned. The Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines offer highly programmable controls to meet the specific wetcleaning needs of a variety of items/fabrics — delivering complete control of every conditional aspect of the process. Featuring 20 pre-programmed cycles and up to 79 individually modifiable cycles, operators control water temperature by degree (up to 194 degrees), wash rotation speed and duration, on/off wash rotation combinations, water levels, bath cool-down by degree, and extract speeds. Operators simply load, enter a program number and press start. The Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines automatically combine the right chemicals, mechanical action and water temperatures based on the program selected.

Poseidon Dryer Improves Throughput and Shortens Finishing Time

Poseidon Dryers are also specifically programmed by item type. The dryers safely dry garments that previously required air drying, according to Schaefer. Offering flexible programmability, automatic reversing and fabric-friendly moisture-sensing technology, the dryers offer on-the-fly adjustments for complete operator control. “After the dryer, items go straight to finishing, which takes less time than ever before,” said Schaefer. “Prior to the company’s Poseidon Dryers, more items required air drying, which slowed production. Now, items are quickly dried with less wrinkling,” said Schaefer, “reducing the time needed to finish them. The Poseidon dryer air cycle fluffs like air drying, but it’s so much faster.”

“There are several companies in the textile restoration business,” added Schaefer. “While our Poseidon machines make it more profitable and efficient, it is our caring staff and amazing company culture that completes the circle.”

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