Poseidon Wetcleaning Equipment

Poseidon Textile Care Systems brings the most advanced wetcleaning technology together into a complete wetcleaning solution. Our highly programmable and efficient Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines, Dryers and Ironers work together to deliver unrivaled wetcleaning results – even for the most delicate fabrics.

Wetcleaning Machines – Soft-Mount or Hard-Mount

Highly flexible and programmable, Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines are available in hard- and soft-mount models; constructed for rigorous use; tout superior efficiency; and safely wetclean everything from tailored suits to silk gowns.

Softmount   Hardmount

Wetcleaning Drying Tumblers

It’s unlike any dryer on the market. Craved moisture-sensing technology, drum rotation control, and timed reversing ensure you can dry virtually any garment with complete confidence. No more air drying. Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers completely dry your garments for boosted productivity!


Flatwork Ironers

Perfectly iron duvets, sheets and table linens straight out of the washer! Poseidon Wetcleaning Ironers quickly process ironed linens in significantly less time, using considerably less labor! A no-wax design makes them a snap to maintain!