Lifestyle Garment Care Embraces Wet Cleaning; Launches Wash/Dry/Fold Services


Lifestyle Garment Care Embraces Wet Cleaning; Launches Wash/Dry/Fold Services

Lifestyle Garment Care Embraces Wet Cleaning; Launches Wash/Dry/Fold Services

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Spurred by enthusiasm to grow wetcleaning revenue, White outfitted a section of the new plant with a mix of Poseidon Textile Care Systems® (Poseidon) soft-mount wetcleaning machines and dryers. “The technology for wetcleaning has improved so much, we could operate without a dry cleaning machine,” said White. “We always do what we think is professionally best for each garment.”

The plant’s soft-mount Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines — in 20-, 30-, 40- and 55-pound capacities — are highly programmable and energy-efficient. The Poseidon Dryers, which feature moisture sensing, reversing and phased programmability, are 60- and 40-pound capacity machines.

Jeff Quail and Mike “Stucky” Szczotka, of Eagle Star Equipment, a full-service Poseidon distributor in Troy, Mich., worked closely with White on the selection, installation and programming of the Poseidon system. “I am a textile care expert, not an equipment expert,” said White. “I rely on Jeff and Stucky to help me make informed equipment decisions based on return on investment. They explained the why behind Poseidon and continue teaching me its benefits after the sale. They help me offer the best product to my customers.”

Lifestyle Garment Care now processes 80 percent of all incoming garments using the Poseidon wetcleaning machines; the remaining 20 percent is dry cleaned. Programmability makes it possible to wetclean everything from silks, wools and cashmeres to cottons, linens and synthetics.

Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines offer 20 pre-programmed cycles and up to 79 individually modifiable cycles. All variables are programmable, including water temperature by degree, wash rotation speed and duration, wash rotation combinations, water levels, bath cool-down by degree, and six programmable extract speeds up to 400 G-force. The Poseidon Inteli control is so flexible, it can be programmed for a wash cycle of as little as three minutes up to an extended program lasting for hours or days. An optional overnight soak and delayed start are also standard features. Once the programs are established, operators just load, select a program number and press start. Chemicals are automatically injected, according to White. Items move from wetcleaning into the Poseidon Dryer, and finally, to finishing. The dryer features moisture-sensing technology, drum-rotation control and timed reversing to safely dry virtually any item type, including wedding gowns, coats, dresses and sweaters. “Items come out of the dryer soft and wrinkle free with just enough moisture that the presser doesn’t have to do much with it,” said White. This saves time and energy over traditional dry cleaning. “We can wetclean, dry and finish a suit in one hour said White. “Poseidon allows us to wetclean challenging garments like wool suits and wedding gowns without worry. It allows me complete control over my equipment and my destiny.”

Amped about the future, White will soon debut Lifestyle Laundry Care — an offshoot of Lifestyle Garment Laundry Care — that caters to area residents looking for wash/dry/fold services, pickup and delivery.

Operating out of the same location, Lifestyle Laundry Care wash/dry/fold will complement White’s already booming garment care/dry cleaning business, which is the largest in the Great Lakes Bay region. In doing so, Lifestyle Laundry Care will further harness the potential of the company’s Poseidon wetcleaning equipment.

Once launched, White expects wetcleaning revenue to significantly increase current sales volume. In a single shift, his Poseidon equipment has the potential to serve 30 families and process 1,600 pounds of wetcleaned wash/dry/fold laundry per day.

“Day in and day out, serving people gives me complete joy,” said White. “Our focus is making others happy.”

Find out more about Lifestyle Garment Care at their website or call 877-474-2587. Discover more about Poseidon at here.


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