New Poseidon system safely wetcleans/processes delicate items

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New Poseidon system safely wetcleans/processes delicate items

June 2017 | Download Story

Troy, Mich.--The new Poseidon Textile Care System (Poseidon) – specifically engineered for the professional fabricare industry – delivers unrivaled wetcleaning, ironing and drying results without shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics. The system teams highly programmable Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines (4.4 to 13.9 cu.ft.); high-performance Poseidon Flatwork Ironers (13- and 20-inch diameter rolls; 61-, 84-, 75-, 100- and 125-inch finishing widths); and moisture-sensing and reversing Poseidon Dryers (9.2 to 23.3 cu.ft.).

Now, an array of items can be safely wetcleaned and fully dried using Poseidon, including tailored wool suits, cashmere sweaters, silk wedding dresses, camel hair sport coats, and taffeta prom dresses, ” according to Poseidon co-owners Jeffrey Quail and Mike “Stucky” Szczotka.

“Thanks to the Poseidon System, it’s easy to safely process a variety of goods using water, rather than drycleaning solvents,” said Quail. “Wetcleaning chemistry has come a long way in cleaning and protecting the garments during the wash process. But, we’ve always felt that the missing link in the process was consistent and reliable moisture removal from garments. It took the development of the Poseidon Dryer to increase throughput to match and beat that of a drycleaning machine. The majority of wetcleaned items will come out of the Poseidon Dryer ready to go to the finisher with few, if any, wrinkles.”

The new Poseidon Textile Care System was innovated, field-tested and launched by Stucky and Quail. Together, they hold more than 70 years of drycleaning and textile care experience. Stucky owns and operates Carrington Cleaners, a drycleaning operation in Washington Township, Mich.; Eagle Star Equipment, a drycleaning and laundry equipment distributorship, in Troy, Mich.; New Wave Laundry, a vended laundry in Sterling Heights, Mich.; and a CRDN textile restoration franchise, with his son, Ryan, in Las Vegas. Quail has served the drycleaning and commercial laundry industries for 30 years, and Eagle Star Equipment, as general manager, for 16 years.

The partners launched the Poseidon brand to fill a need for superior wetcleaning within the drycleaning and textile care industries, according to Stucky.

“The Poseidon Textile Care System allows control over the entire wetcleaning process, from the first bath in the washer to the gentle and precise moisture removal in the dryer,” said Stucky. “The programmability of the Poseidon Dryer is why we can now take traditionally drycleaned items and process them through water with excellent results and operational savings.”

Thanks to Poseidon, it’s easy to safely process a huge variety of goods using water, rather than drycleaning solvents, according to Quail. Because Poseidon also features a high-performance ironer, flat goods are quickly wetcleaned and precisely ironed in less time, without dryer preconditioning.

Poseidon Dryers precisely and gently remove the residual moisture of even the most delicate items, according to Stucky. The Poseidon Dryer features programmable drum rotation, moisture sensing, timed reversing, automatic cool-down, and much more. “The dryer’s key feature is its ability to create steps in the dry cycle similar to what we see in the wash cycle,” said Stucky. “Each step of the dry cycle relies on moisture sensors (or time) to automatically advance the dryer to the next step. Once a pre-set moisture level is met, the Poseidon Dryer enters cool-down.” Oven temperature, drum temperature, drum speed, reversing on/off sequence, and moisture levels are all set up based on the characteristics of the textiles being processed, Stucky added.

“While it was the programmability that inspired me to work with this dryer, I am equally impressed with its construction,” said Quail. “The double-wall construction and dual-glass door means the dryer heats up quickly and retains its heat like no other dryer I’ve worked with in the past.”

Poseidon Dryers feature a moisture control system to eliminate over-drying. Sensors automatically stop the dryer once a pre-set moisture level is reached inside the dryer drum. The moisture control system eliminates operator error, improves productivity and prevents fabric damage and shrinkage. Additionally, programmable control over timed reversing and drum-rotation speed ensure perfect results no matter the item type or fabric content. A programmable dual-temperature sensor at the airflow inlet and outlet creates a balanced dry. The dualtemperature sensor system continuously monitors temperatures and allows total control over cooling speed. In the event a load is left inside the dryer drum once the cycle is complete, the system automatically activates suctioning and rotates the drum to prevent wrinkling. After the end of a program, automatic cool-down initiates. This keeps the contents of the dryer at a safe temperature and helps prevent combustion. Finally, Poseidon’s SmoothTouch Drum reduces friction and fabric wear. While some dryers feature perforated drums with sharp edges – which can be rough on fabric – Poseidon’s SmoothTouch Drum is machine stamped for unrivaled smoothness. It’s constructed of durable AISI 430 stainless steel.

Similarly, Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines – available in hard- and soft-mount models – are durably constructed for years of rigorous use. Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines feature two programmable controls – the LogiPro and Inteli. Both offer pre-set and customizable program options – delivering unrivaled flexibility. With the Inteli, every variable of the wetcleaning process is programmable, including water temperature and levels; number of baths, rinses and pre-washes; automatic chemical injection; wash-rotation speed and duration (including zero rotation); extract speed; timed chemical dosing by the second; and bath cool-down.

“Fabricare and drycleaning facilities need these highly specified programs to properly wetclean a wide array of items and fabrics,” said Stucky. Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines feature up to 12 standard chemical injection signals with programmable time dosing and flush flexibility. Additionally, chemicals are diluted with water before being introduced into the washer drum – preventing direct chemical-to-linen contact that can result in linen damage.

Designed without a sump – a water containment area at the base of the machine – Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines save up to 3 gallons of water with each fill, when compared to machines with outer tub sumps. Less water used results in lower water-heating costs and reduced chemical usage. Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines also feature AquaFall™, which lowers water usage further. Water enters the washer drum through holes in the drum lifters. As the drum turns, lifters release water from above, resulting in superior load saturation, chemical penetration and rinsing. Similarly, the Poseidon AquaMixer™ system enhances wash action by mixing hot and cold water to achieve precise bath temperatures. AquaMixer minimizes hot water consumption while enhancing results.

Completing the textile care line are Poseidon Flatwork Ironers, which quickly iron flat goods at maximum productivity and to the highest quality standards. Poseidon Ironers perfectly finish tablecloths, napkins, sheets, duvets and pillowcases without the need for dryer conditioning and messy wax application and removal. Highly productive, programmable, efficient and simple to operate, they generate ironing speeds up to 49 feet-perminute and are available in natural gas and electric models. “Poseidon Ironers allow drycleaners to provide customers with crisply finished table linens, runners and napkins, or to cater to hospitality accounts with expertly ironed duvets and bed linens,” said Quail. “They are highly programmable and simple to use. The ironers open up a whole new revenue stream that drycleaners often let pass by.” The front-feed/front-return design means the ironer takes up very little space.

To discover more about Poseidon Textile Care System products, backed by industry-leading warranties, contact or, or visit their website.

The Poseidon Textile Care System – delivering an environmentally safe and non-toxic alternative to drycleaning – offers superior results, efficiency and productivity. Poseidon products, which safely wetclean, iron and dry even the most delicate fabrics, are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and often qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.