Poseidon Textile Care Systems® experiences great Clean Show

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Poseidon Textile Care Systems® experiences great Clean Show

June 2017 | Download Story

Troy, Mich.—At “Clean ’17,” Posidon Textile Care Systems® (Poseidon) revealed the company’s highly programmable Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines, Shirt Laundry Plus Washers and moisturesensing and reversing Poseidon Dryers. The Poseidon booth engaged visitors with product and programming demonstrations, end-user video testimonials, and enriched opportunities to investigate Poseidon equipment and its advantages.

“Poseidon enjoyed a fantastic Clean Show,” said co-owner Jeff Quail. “There was a lot of interest in, and excitement surrounding, the new Poseidon Textile Care System solution. We were thrilled with the exposure, leads and generated sales. This venue introduced the Poseidon Textile Care System to dry cleaning and professional fabricare operators from throughout the world, as well as Poseidon brand distributors. We are still actively seeking qualified distributors throughout North America.”

Engineered to exceed the professional fabricare industry’s highest standards, the Poseidon Textile Care System delivers unrivaled programmability for superior wetcleaning results. Poseidon harnesses high-performance soft-mount wetcleaning machines, hard-mount Shirt Laundry Plus Machines, dryers and flatwork ironers for results and efficiencies that outshine traditional dry cleaning.

“The Poseidon Textile Care System offers complete control over the wetcleaning process, from the first bath in the washer to the gentle and precise moisture removal in the dryer,” said Quail. “The dryer’s high-level programmability is why we can now take traditionally drycleaned items and process them through water with excellent results and operational savings,” he said.

Poseidon Dryers – unique in the marketplace – were show spotlights. Booth visitors learned more about Poseidon Dryer programmability, including rotation, moisture sensing, timed reversing, automatic cool-down, and much more. “The dryer’s key feature is its ability to create steps in the dry cycle similar to what we see in the wash cycle,” said Quail. “Each step of the dry cycle relies on moisture sensors (or time) to automatically advance the dryer to the next step. Once a pre-set moisture level is met, the Poseidon Dryer enters cool-down.” Oven temperature, drum temperature, drum speed, reversing on/off sequence, and moisture levels are all programmable. A programmable dual-temperature sensor at the airflow inlet and outlet creates a balanced dry and continuously monitors temperatures for total control over cooling speed.

Complementing Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines touted the advanced Inteli control. Every variable of the wetcleaning process is programmable, according to Quail, including water temperature and levels; number of baths, rinses and pre-washes; automatic chemical injection; wash-rotation speed and duration (including zero rotation); extract speed; timed chemical dosing by the second; and bath cooldown. Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines safely clean a variety of garment types and fabrics, including silk gowns, blouses and skirts; wool suits, overcoats and uniforms; linen pants and shirts; and much more. Operators simply enter a program number and press start.

Also displayed were Poseidon’s hard-mount Shirt Laundry Plus Washers, which deliver quality results and advanced programmability to properly clean a variety of items, including dress shirts, khakis, denim and more.

To discover more about Poseidon Textile Care System products, backed by industry-leading warranties, contact stucky@poseidonwetcleaning.com or jquail@poseidonwetcleaning.com, or visit their website.

The Poseidon Textile Care System – delivering an environmentally safe and non-toxic alternative to drycleaning – offers superior results, efficiency and productivity. Poseidon products, which safely wetclean, iron and dry even the most delicate fabrics, are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and often qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.